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Since 2010, Jawun has produced a yearly

report that showcases key insights and

learnings about a particular feature of its

partnership model. This is Jawun’s fifth

report. Previous reports can be accessed

on Jawun’s website at


This 2014 report,

Indigenous-led Innovation

and Empowerment

, reflects on the power of

collaboration in bringing the Jawun regions

together, collectively focusing on Indigenous-

led reform on a national platform. It also

examines the many dimensions to the

collaboration occurring, both within the

regions and across sectors.




A need for innovation in Indigenous affairs

Indigenous disadvantage is an entrenched issue in

Australia, which has not been effectively tackled

despite decades of reform and billions of dollars

of investment. To achieve progress, a different

approach was required, a partnership model with

emphasis on working


Indigenous people, rather

than simply providing services to them. This was

especially critical given that most previous reform

efforts had been unsuccessful in achieving sustained

improvement and measurable change for Indigenous

communities. Part 1 of the report outlines how Jawun

grew from the need for innovation in Indigenous

affairs, and how that innovation has led to a new and

radically different form of Indigenous collaboration.


Collaboration: taking Indigenous-led reform

to the next level

Collaboration across regions, across sectors and

place-based is fundamental to Indigenous-led reform in

Australia. Jawun supports activities at each of these

levels through tailoredprograms, provision of secondee

support and facilitating the creation of alliances

between corporate and Indigenous leaders. Part 2

of the report explores the multifaceted nature of the

collaboration currently taking place across these three

dimensions and is also based on insights gathered

from in-depth interviews, examining how collaboration

is taking Indigenous-led reform to the next level. This

collaboration across the regions has emerged from

a regional network with shared ideals, which has

become the driving force behind the momentum

towards marshalling Indigenous-led reform.